We offer parties for children turning 5yrs *(attending school) –  105yrs. 

Prices start from £8 per crafter ( £3.50 studio plus minimum £4.50craft) – £15 per crafter (£3.50 studio fee + £3.50 snack + £8 craft). We have a variety of items to choose from at various prices, so you can choose a theme  to suit your budget.

A craft only party with no catering lasts up to 1hr 30mins and lasts 2hrs with snack option.

Might get a bit peckish?

We can supply catering which includes – Capri Sun, fruit (strawberries, & grapes), packet of crisps, a snack sized sausage roll each, party sausages, a fairy cake and crispie cake. A  Vegetarian option is available on request. Also in their bag to take home they will get three sweets.
This is priced £3.50 per head and a party with food lasts 2hrs.

If you prefer to supply your own catering, please note we can only allow food to be served (ideally in lunch bags/boxes) and consumed where the party goers are seated as we do not have space to set up a buffet table -the only exception being if the whole boat is booked which allows it to be offered on a buffet basis.

If you decide to provide your own catering, please note that we charge an extra £1 on to the studio fee per crafter as you will need an extra half hour on to the party time. 


£11 Treasure Chest Party Special

We offer the £11 Treasure chest party which includes us supplying catering.

Our Treasure chest is one of our most popular items and comes full of chocolate coins. It can be painted, decoupaged, foam clayed, glittered & jewelled into a lovely jewellery box/Treasure chest.

As the Treasure chest includes chocolate coins therefore we replace the Freddo in the lunch bag with another sweet.

Size of party?? 

We can accommodate up to 16 crafters for the per table bookings with no additional cost for your party! Please note that a maximum of 2 adults may attend with the party as the boat will still be open to our drop-in customers during your party. If you wish to book the boat to have a private party, please see below. 

More than 16 crafters?

If you wish to have a party with more than 16 crafters then you need to book the whole boat. You can invite up to 30 crafters and have the party of a lifetime!! We can also remove the stock shelves to accommodate for a buffet table!

If booking the whole boat, an exclusivity fee applies.

Exclusivity Fee

Full boat, guaranteed 25-30 crafters £20

21-24 crafters £35

17-20 crafters £50

Party Slots

During term-time our  party slots are available at weekends only.

We have two slots on a Saturday and one slot on a Sunday.

Saturday morning – 11am-1pm (incl food) or 11am-12:30 (excl food)

Saturday afternoon – 2-4pm (incl food) or 2-3:30pm (excl food)

Sunday afternoon – 1-3pm (incl food) or 1-2:30 (excl food).

Parties can be booked any day we are open during the school holidays.


Booking & Deposits

A deposit is required to secure your party and is to be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to party. If you have more than 8 crafters attending your party please also choose the items you wish when paying the deposit or no later than 2 weeks prior to party, as we need adequate time to order stock.

* Please understand that we now stipulate that children turning 5yrs are children attending school. Due to our small venue we find children still attending nursery find it challenging to sit for the party time and as we are a small venue we have no room available for them to run around.